Favorite Schwarzenegger
Action Flick

I watched one of my top ranked action films 'Predator' the other night and it was awesome! To this very day, this movie still holds up. A team of mercenaries going into the jungle to execute a confidential mission ordered by the CIA. Once in the jungle, they become the hunted by the alien predator who has landed on Earth.

Not only does this movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger, but it also features Carl Weathers, Bill Duke, and Jesse Ventura. Predator is one of the classic action films of all time. Arnold Schwarzenegger is my favorite action star of all time, and after watching Predator it had me wondering if this is my favorite Schwarzenegger action film of them all?

Now Arnold has starred in a decent-sized library of action films, probably more than any other actor. 'Last Action Hero', by no means his best movie, is still a fun action-packed film from start to finish with some crazy car chases and a supernatural element to it. 'Total Recall' has got to be Schwarzenegger's most wild and unpredictable Sci-Fi themed action movie. This has to be in the top five of his best movies. To this very day, figuring this movie out is still a total head scratcher!

I need to Netflix 'True Lies' because it's been awhile since I've seen it. I recall it being a drama/action type movie that was pretty decent if I remember correctly. While not having big roles coming off his political career and returning to Hollywood, both 'The Expendables' and 'Escape Plan' were fun movies. The Expendables felt so much like a return to the 80's where we were so spoiled with action movie goodness.

One of my favorite Arnold movies from the 1980's was a film titled 'Commando'. I remember as a kid thinking Rae Dawn Chong was so hot. It's weird, because with these 80's action flicks, they really can come across as cheesy, but it's like you almost expect that so it gets a pass. Like the cheesy nature of the movie itself brings back that good nostalgia feeling. I loved watching Schwarzenegger's character Matrix hunt down his old mercenary buddies who kidnapped his daughter. Bad idea on their part!

I think my favorite part is when Arnold escapes the airport and chases down that little henchman and says, "remember how I told you I'd kill you last? - I lied!" Also, Bill Duke who was in this movie and Predator, I gotta say that homeboy had the meanest looking face where you can just tell he means business. I wonder why this guy wasn't in more movies, he was a total badass. Commando is officially a totally awesome action movie.

Ofcourse, if there was a poll on a 'Favorite Schwarzenegger Action Flick', I'd bet the farm that the 'Terminator' franchise would win hands down. Who could deny that the Terminator movies are pound-4-pound the greatest action movies ever made? Arnold Schwarzenegger as the ruthless, relentless terminator stalking Sarah Conner to prevent future uprisings. Terminator has to be the top Sci-Fi action movie ever made.

Terminator 2 was considered revolutionary in special effects, and they still hold up to this current day. The movie just rules. Many people actually prefer T2 over the original and that's totally justifiable. I'd have to sit down and think about it, but you might be able to argue this being the greatest action movie ever. The only criticism I had in the movie was that Arnold didn't kill any of the cops when he was shooting at them cause he was a 'nice terminator' in T2.

I want me a terminator that shows no mercy. Ofcourse, he is killing anyone and everyone up to that point, and the storyline goes that the kid orders him to stop killing people because 'it's wrong', so I can give it a pass on that. Plus I guess if Schwarzenegger kills the cops in the movie it would've turned the audience from liking him which would have probably led to an ackward feel towards Arnold's character for the rest of the movie. So yeah, I know I'm wrong with that criticism but I just want me a terminator that is ruthless. Robert Patrick is a total badass in this movie as the T-1000.

Best scene in Terminator 2: (picking up from the end of Terminator) Sarah Conner, deemed crazy by the authorites and institutionalized, attempts to escape the mental hospital, she has the guards beat and is making a run towards the elevator. Out of the elevator walks Arnold and she falls on her ass in fear screaming "NO!" "NO!" -awesome, just freaking awesome!

While all of these mentioned action films are classics, I'd still have to say that my top pick for 'Favorite Schwarzenegger Action Flick' is Stephen King's prized Sci-Fi novel turned action film, 'The Running Man'. This movie is my favorite Arnold action movie ever. It was a tough choice between this one and Predator, but there is something about this movie that I've always loved.

The Running Man really has a great theme to it, with blood-thirsty fans in the future taking great delight in a game show that focuses on killing the contestants who are convicts offered a chance to compete for their possible freedom. The government is in bed with the game show The Running Man profiting from the trade of federal prisoners for dollars. Really good stuff all around.

I love the concept of how the government has turned the U.S. into a police state, especially because many conspiracy theorists today firmly believe that the government is moving towards making a police state a reality. I like how the government orders the massacre of unarmed civilians, and then cuts and edits footage to frame Ben Richards (Schwarzenegger's character).

It's even more pleasing to see how when Richards takes the stage to start the game show, they preview the clips and the audience boos him in disgust. They believe what the government spoon feeds them like the sheep they are! The Running Man game show host, played by Richard Dawson, really nails his part as the arrogant, blood-for-ratings host. I love the line where Arnold delivers his famous catchphrase "I'll be back", and the host says "only in a rerun"!

I think another thing, probably the key aspect that makes The Running Man so great is the stalker characters. Each one is really unique in their own way. My favorite always was Dynamo, not because he is kind of a fruity opera singer, but I always loved how his character can control and fire electrical charges to fry his victims. Subzero is a sumo-like hockey assassin who shoots exploding pucks at his victims and has a razor sharp hockey stick. Buzzsaw is a maniacal roided out madman whose weapon of choice is a chainsaw. He is probably the most intimidating of all the stalkers. Football great Jim Brown plays Fireball, a stalker who has a jet pack for flying and burns his victims to ashes with a flamethrower.

Gotta love all the Schwarzenegger action flicks because some feature Jesse Ventura. Ventura has a great role in The Running Man as a retired badass stalker, the best of all time, Captain Freedom, who also happens to be at odds with the host of the show. There are some very funny exchanges between the two throughout the movie with each trying to 1-up the other and make them look stupid.

Anyways, it's a tough choice but I think The Running Man slightly edges out Predator and the Terminators for me as my 'Favorite Schwarzenegger Action Flick'! Schwarzenegger is easily the greatest action star of all time. His library of films can keep us entertained for a long, long time with The Running Man at the top of KR's fave list!