Charlie Brown and Linus understand

I have an old Charlie Brown comic that i've had it seems for as long as i can remember. It's so bizarre how year after year, all us redskin fans begin the season with such high hopes only to end the season disappointed and depressed without any answers.

Luckily for us, the having no answers part is only temporary. By next September we will have everything solved and we'll be on our way to the playoffs. There's also a damn good chance we'll be able to make it to the super bowl.

The ironic and somewhat sad part of all of this is that what I'm saying is true for a good portion of us skins fans. I hear some people proclaim that they've had enough and won't watch anymore, but i never really believe those people. I mean, how could they not watch at all? ..right??

We grew up watching this our whole lives with our dads and buddies and uncles and neighbors and geez i miss those days. It's depressing to watch the eagles and hated cowboys roll us year in and year out. Where the heck is our pride at?

Gruden's a decent coach but man he sure doesn't seem to get too upset with all these rivalry losses and losing to the chump teams. Gosh i get so mad and i'll be honest guys, i just don't see enough passion from these people.

They even say Snyder and Jerry Jones are good friends and laugh it up at these offseason league meetings. I'm like why isn' t Snyder trying to punch Jerry in his old ass face. I mean i get it, Snyder is a sissy and in real life Jerry would beat him down easily but that's still part of the problem. We have a sissy and a coward who hides from all the fans and press because we mostly suck as a team year in and year out.

Our team prez makes up bs stories that involve someone deceased relative i'm like man we have no class and Allen and Snyder have got to be illuminati right? Using a month old deceased grandmother as part of a lie? Wow, homey has zero class and maybe Mccloughan really is a drunk but he should've punched Allen in his smuggy face but i get it, Scott needs to get his severance pay and all.

Funny thing is, come august, September with or without kirk i'll still have high hopes like we have a legitimate shot lol, but i'll be wrong. I' ll still watch though. I mean, afterall, that is the definiton of insanity right?