The Art of Gore

Warning: Article contains graphic photos of
zombie make-up that you may find terrifying!

If you've watched a horror film in the past 30 years, there's a good chance Greg Nicotero is the man behind its goriest scenes. He's produced prosthetic effects for hundreds of movies including ‘Pulp Fiction, Hostel, Kill Bill, Sin City’ as well as the hit tv show ‘The Walking Dead.’

Greg's also an integral part of TV show The Walking Dead - working as a producer, director and, of course, make-up artist. Here's his guide to the fine art of splattering blood on screen.

"It's almost like a magic trick," Greg stated, "We're using misdirection, we're using slight of hand and different things."

He's describing the moments of extreme gore he's known for - a limb being pulled off, or a zombie being crushed to death - which he calls "gags".

"It's all about the impact that they have and in many instances it's about the impact that particular moment has on the character in the scene,” Greg added, “So when you see something happen on The Walking Dead - and then we cut to a character's reaction - people very often react to how a character's reacting rather than the thing they've seen."