Alien Mummy Diagnosed

Research on an alien mummy discovered in
the Atacama Desert announces new findings

Back in 2003, a strange skeleton was discovered in a deserted Chilean town in the Atacama Desert. Featuring an elongated skull, sunken eye sockets, and an impossibly tiny body, some suggested it was of extraterrestrial origin. An updated genetic analysis confirms the skeleton as being a tiny, mutated human—but with an unprecedented variety of mutations. Preserved by dry desert conditions, “Ata,” as the mummified skeleton is called, is undeniably weird.

It’s only about six inches long, it’s missing a pair of ribs, and it has a highly deformed head and face. Though discovered 15 years ago, the specimen dates back about 40 years, so it’s not ancient. Soon after its discovery, some UFOlogists figured Ata was an alien, featuring it in a short documentary.