Conspiracies Proven True

Conspiracies that turned out to be true

The past couple of years have seen the resurgence of the conspiracy theorist, but instead of the foil hat wearing, megaphone-wielding whack job of old, the conspiracy theorist of today sits behind a keyboard, uploads controversial videos to youtube, and makes post after post on facebook and twitter trying to expose the mirage of the conspiracy.

From JFK to 9/11 to Sandy Hook, from Las Vegas to Parkland High, major events have transpired but many questions are raised in the process. When proper answers aren’t provided by the authorities, when footage is confiscated or destroyed, and when people related to the events turn up killed or go missing, conspiracy theorists arise to dissect the cover-up.

There are many occasions when real life is just as strange as fiction. From sinister research programs to health-related cover-ups, here are a few examples from the annals of history that sound so extraordinary that they must’ve been cooked up by some conspiracy theorist’s ramblings, but in fact these stories are real.

CIA really did experiment with mind control and psychedelics

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) crops up in many a conspiracy theory, but its shady reputation is not entirely undeserved. Papers released in the seventies revealed the secret service really had been dabbling in mind control, psychological torture, radiation, and electric shock therapy in a series of studies into behavioral modification known as “Project MK-ULTRA”.

The purpose of this research was to develop techniques and substances to use against the Soviet Union and its allies – think truth serums and Bourne-like super agents. More than 150 human experiments took place between 1953 and 1964, many of which involved administering drugs to US citizens without their knowledge and consent, and under no medical supervision.

But things get more sinister. Then CIA Director Richard Helms ordered the destruction of all records relating to MK-ULTRA in 1973, which means there is little evidence of the intelligence services’ nefarious activities around today. We know the research was responsible for at least one hospitalization and two deaths but the true cost could be much higher.