20 Years of Netflix

The entertainment media giant’s
evolution as a company

Netflix has recently turned 20 years old as a company that revolutionized the movie rental process for our home entertainment enjoyment. After making Blockbuster Video and all Mom & Pop Rental stores a footnote in history on Wikipedia, Netflix produces feature-length films, excellent television series, and informative and interesting documentaries along with their streaming and dvd/bluray video service. Netflix is now a media giant and one of the biggest companies in the world.

Netflix recently made a 3 part mini documentary on the evolution of Netflix as a company, and the dvd-to-home delivery service. In Part 1, we see how Netflix got started, and go back all the way to 1998 and take a look at the early days of the business. In Part 2, we dive into the history and evolution of the red envelope, an American icon. Finally in Part 3, we look into the process of getting the dvds from the shipping warehouse to your mailbox.

It’s pretty neat to see the method behind their madness as to how everything works in the Netflix system. Check out the 3 part documentary on some interesting behind-the-scenes footage of the Netflix machine. Enjoy!

Part One: The Early Days of DVD

Part Two: The Iconic Red Envelope

Part Three: Delivered to Your Door