Killer Rob Movie Review

‘The Disaster Artist’ is based on the true story about a pair of inexperienced actors trying to gain fame in Hollywood. The movie stars James Franco, who plays the somewhat mysterious Tommy Wiseau, who is famous for making one of the worst movies of all time, ‘The Room’. Wiseau’s film The Room, which premiered to an $1800 opening weekend in 2003, is considered by all accounts a horrible piece of cinema. However, the film over the years has established a big cult following of fans, earning Wiseau the fame that he always searched for.

The Disaster Artist begins with Greg Sestero, played by James Franco’s younger brother Dave, who can’t quite get a grip on his nerves in front of people in order to deliver a well acted scene. Greg is impressed with Tommy’s fearlessness as an actor, and one night after acting class Greg asks Tommy if he would help him to rehearse scenes. Greg is shocked at Tommy’s style and unapologetic ways when it comes to ordinary social places where they embarrassingly rehearse lines together in a crowded restaurant.

The two become friends and decide to become roommates, moving from San Francisco to Los Angeles in order to pursue movie and/or television acting careers. Tommy’s vocal accent, which he claims he inherited from the Bayou of Louisiana, keeps him from landing any gigs. One of the more comical scenes in The Disaster Artist is when Tommy is at an audition, and the casting director asks him to “lose his accent”, with Tommy’s try to do so being a hilarious, unintelligible, failing attempt to speak normal. Greg has a tad more success with his ambition and youthfulness, with his young looks earning him the nickname 'Babyface’ from Tommy.

One day during an audition, Tommy is told crushing news by a casting director and he seriously contemplates his direction in life. Greg inspires Tommy with a pep talk, and in the process gives Tommy a suggestion which would alter both of their lives forever. Greg suggests to Tommy that he should just make his own movie. This idea breathes new life into Tommy, and although always a mystery as to how, Tommy Wiseau is a rich man. He has the finances to make his own movie, and immediately gets started on the script. That script would go on to become the now famous movie, 'The Room’.

Inexperienced moviemakers Tommy and Greg get started by buying equipment instead of renting, and hiring actors and production staff on the fly. Tommy’s unorthodoxed ways puzzle some of the experienced staff, but they soon realize that Tommy will not take 'no’ for an answer. This movie would be Tommy’s way, or the highway for the staff objecting to Tommy’s unusual and somewhat absurd methods.

None of the cast can understand Tommy's bizarre script, the takes of scenes countlessly pile up with lines that Tommy can’t remember. Shooting days go vastly over schedule, and Tommy insists on a close-up scene where the audience will be treated to a disturbing shot of Tommy’s ass as he lay in bed making love. Tommy insists that the ass shot is what will sell the tickets to the film lol.

When all the scenes have been shot, and production of The Room has finally been completed, Tommy looks ahead to the Hollywood premiere. Along the way, Tommy and Greg have a falling out, but Tommy persuades Greg to attend the opening night premiere. After comically circling the theater a few times, Tommy and Greg exit their limo to a nice welcome with paperattzi and a decent group of movie-goers excited to see the movie.

The Room premieres to a packed house, and all the cast and staff attending are excited to see themselves and their work on the big screen. The Room was supposed to be a serious drama developed by Tommy, but instead it quickly nosedives in a downward spiral with all of the ridiculous scenes, confusing storyline, and the terrible acting that turn the would-be drama into an unintentional comedy that the audience would refuse to take seriously. While Tommy is offended and embarrassed at first, he soon realizes that the audience indeed loves The Room for what it turned out to be. He then takes pride with his completed work, and accepts the audience's gratitude.

The Disaster Artist is an excellent movie depicting the making of the movie which it is inspired from, The Room. James Franco’s performance as Tommy Wiseau is spot on. Dave Franco is solid as well in his supporting role, and if you watch the side-by-side comparions of identical scenes from The Disaster Artist and The Room during the role credits, you can tell how meticulous and how much research went in to making The Disaster Artist. The movie is a hysterically funny comedy, and it is a movie based on a movie that will keep the two joined hand-in-hand forever for audiences to enjoy. The Disaster Artist is a Killer Rob certified Killer Film!.