Killer Rob Movie Review

For some, ‘Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri’ starts out and you begin thinking, ‘oh geez, not another typical hollywood-style movie where they're going to preach to me about social injustice and police brutality'....-but while there are minor elements of this throughout the film, you soon realize that it isn't going to be the stereotypical liberal preachy movie with no substance. In fact, Three Billboards is an amazing film that has numerous subplots that are all interesting and tie the movie together perfectly.

Frances McDormand plays Mildred Hayes, a mother who's daughter has been brutally raped and murdered. The Ebbing police force have yet to track down the killer, and it seems to Ms. Hayes that the local police have all but given up. She decides to take matters into her own hands and rents out the three billboards in order to mock and insult the local sheriff and his staff.

Deputy Dickson, played by Sam Rockwell, happens to drive by the billboards and is furious with the wording and message upon them. Many of the local residents of Ebbing would share the same sentiment towards the billboards which call out Sheriff Bill Willoughby, played by Woody Harrelson, who unfortunately is suffering from terminal cancer.

Mildred Hayes has no sympathy for Sheriff Willoughby and his condition, she ruthlessly seeks justice for her murdered daughter, and until she receives it, she'll continue to lay on the offensive with major statements in the small town making her a controversial outcast disliked by most. Deputy Dickson is willing to take matters into his own hands in order to end the backlash which is tarnishing the reputation of his beloved Sheriff.

The most beautiful scene in the movie is when Mildred is planting flowers beside one of the billboards and a doe comes out of the forest right up to her. It reminded me of the the scene in 'Hereafter' when the twin boy's ballcap is knocked off, being a sign from his deceased brother. This scene in Three Billboards was so inspiring, and so uplifting until Mildred kills any kind of spiritual reunion by stating that the deer isn't a sign of her daughter, but still shallowly respects the premise.

Mildred remains haunted through life with the troubling memory of her last encounter with her daughter being a nasty argument with never a chance to ask forgiveness and reconcile. While all sorts of ways have been devised to bring the billboards and their tarnishing message down, Mildred just happens to be one step ahead by smarts or by luck.

Things really get heated when Chief Willoughby decides to remove himself from the controversy, but mainly the pain of the cancer, by killing himself with a gunshot wound to the head. Once Deputy Dickson hears the sad news which is captured in a heartbreaking scene, he goes on the war-hunt. The advertising chief in charge of leasing the billboards out takes a brutal beating, and is ultimately thrown out of a two-story window down to the street.

The aftermath leads Mildred Hayes to some very potentially dangerous confrontational situations in the town of Ebbing. A new Sheriff arrives in Ebbing who is black, and he takes on the task of the town's current issues. Dickson, who is fired for his violent actions against the advertising chief, goes back to the station to read a letter left to him by Sheriff Willoughby. While reading the letter in the police station afterhours, Dickson is badly burned in a (somewhat ridiculous) retaliatory arson attack by Mildred Hayes on the police station. In the process to escape, Dickson grabs the 'Angela Hayes Murder Case Files' and saves the files from destruction.

One night at the local bar, Dickson hears two men talking about a rape and murder and believes that one of the men might be responsible for Angela Hayes rape and murder. He picks a fight with one of the men and gains a sample of the man's DNA. Hoping to find Angela Hayes killer, the results come back negative. Dickson still believes that the man is the one who murdered Angela, so he offers Mildred the information on the man's location. He even offers to ride along to seek the much-needed redemption.

They both depart with firearms to seek vengeance, and along the way Mildred even admits to the arson which badly burned and scarred Dickson. While in route to the possible killer's location, they both contemplate whether or not they are doing the right thing. They both decide that they'll think about it along the way. A perfect ending to an excellent film.

The casting of actors was flawless, McDormand, Rockwell, Harrelson, and all of the performers were spot on. The soundtrack to the movie is excellent, with perfect songs for the perfect scenes. The story and direction are solid as well, with the film written and directed by Martin McDonagh, and only a couple of scenes that were outlandish, with only a few hollywood stereotypical segments to digest.

The films excellent themes are about love and loss, about revenge, justice, and retribution, and a great dose of never giving up hope, and never quitting. All things considered, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri is a Killer Rob certified Killer Film!