Core Values by Zodiac Sign

What your Zodiac sign says about your values

In life, there are bound to be certain things that hold a heavier weight where you might value their influence and prioritize them over others. Your core values make you who you are. These astrologically-related values determine what steps you take in life, what your goals are, who you wish to surround yourself with, how you want others to perceive you, and even what sexual traits you have. It makes sense that these values would relate back to your personality, and it just so happens you can also look into the zodiac for some clues.

The zodiac has great predictors of certain characteristics and behavioral patterns you'll have based on your sign, and while it's still a generalization and not set in stone, it's worth looking into. You never know, the stars might be on to something. Here are the core values you cherish based on your sign, so read your core value zodiac description and employ it as best that you can into your lifestyle to gain ultimate serenity and success!

Aries: Self-Assertion

Aries have abandonment issues and therefore are forced to discover and defend a self-construct independent of anyone else. It's this awareness of their oneness that drives them to assert themselves in the world, for no one is going to do it for them. Thus, 'looking out for number one' becomes their priority, which gives them the reputation of being self-absorbed in a fiery way. Remember, for all the Aries out there, it's easy to be alone if need be, but still prefer company.

Taurus: Stability

As a grounded Earth sign, a Taurus only believes in that which can be perceived by their senses. They need to feel rooted and secure so they can enjoy their sensual nature to the hilt, otherwise they'll be worrisome and disconnected from their bodies. Plus, you'll like nice things to hold onto. Known for being materialistic, a Taurus love their possessions, as material objects serve as tactile proof of their stability that allows them to let go.

Gemini: Communication

You better keep up a good conversation with a Gemini and avoid holding back. Gemini are known to be a chatterbox, because it's the exchanging of ideas and learning from their encounters that fuels them. They value communication, because otherwise the information gathered and passed on is jeopardized. It's this obsession with communication that makes them excellent teachers, writers, and speakers.

Cancer: Emotional Security

A lot of Cancers do not identify with their keywords like 'nurturer,' 'mother,' 'home,' and 'family.' Really, those words are just typical ways in which we achieve emotional security, which is what a Cancer needs. Sensitive Cancers’ need to feel at home within their self. They need to achieve the state of safety, security, and sheltering from the evils of the world.

Leo: Self-Expression

Leos have an irrepressible urge to express the fullest extent of their being. Being ruled by the Sun, the center of our solar system. A Leo likes to take center stage for appreciation and applause. They are entertainers and they lead with their heart. The body part they rule is the heart, and to keep it feeling good, only authentic self-expression will due. They know they must feel good in order to make their audience feel good.

Virgo: Service

Burdened with being born at a time in when astrological harmonies aren’t in unison, Virgos grow up blaming themselves for their any and all problems. Holding onto this belief results in them overcompensating in life, thinking that if they're just perfect enough, everything will be okay. Virgos are extremely hard workers which translates into a need to serve, and as a result, they are the selfless servants of the zodiac, outworking everyone else to achieve harmony within.

Libra: Balance

Partnership is balance to a Libra; in relationships, they balance their partner's needs with their own. If not in a partnership, Libra will still seek balance through tit-for-tat arguments, justice in wrongdoing, and beauty, since beauty is said to be determined by facial symmetry. Be careful, though; you don't want to put too much emphasis on settling a score or materialism.

Scorpio: Pleasure

Scorpios are much more in touch with their primal impulses than other signs. Nothing is more primal than life and death, which are metaphorically expressed through sex. However, a Scorpio also values simple, innocent pleasures, which allow them to exchange emotional resources, like love and care, with others.

Sagittarius: Expansion

You like your adventures, Sag, and nothing's holding you back. Half-man, half-horse, Sagittarians aspire to guide and teach others and also run unbridled and free. As adventurers and philosophers, they want to roam and explore not only the world, but their minds. They are changeable and philosophical, as what makes life meaningful to them is the search for truth, not the finding of it.

Capricorn: Status

Coming from 'the school of hard knocks,' Capricorns grow up with too much responsibility, which keeps them from receiving the emotional nurturing needed to feel secure. As a result, they cautiously take steps up the mountain, toward their ambitions and away from their foundation. Once their sure-footed trek leads them to the top, they have the power to be their own authority, which makes them feel strong and secure.

Aquarius: Freedom

Linked to Aquarius, Ganymede in Greek mythology was abducted by Zeus to Mount Olympus to be his lover. Ever since, Aquarians have been hell-bent on maintaining their freedom, and everyone has been hell-bent on taking it from them, if only to preserve the status quo. Represented by the free, open sky, Aquarius needs to be free to innovate and serve humanity.

Pisces: Transcendence

The last sign of the zodiac, Pisces has been around the zodiac wheel and is therefore most evolved and spiritualized. Intuiting that they're not a body with a soul, but a soul with a body, Pisces want to go beyond their physical limits. That's why Pisces are prone to escapism, often losing themselves in prayer, meditation, art, drugs, etc., so they can go beyond the limits of ordinary, earthly experience.