Killer Rob Movie Review

There are still images in my head from scenes in this movie that won't go away... I wonder if they'll ever go away? This movie was by far the best, most horrible, most disturbing, most gruesome movie I've ever seen. The movie is brilliant, yet totally awful.

I feel like I lost part of my soul that I'll never get back. I swear it feels like the director took whatever remaining innocence that I still had, and left me feeling really uncomfortable and weird ever since watching this masterful piece of cinema....and for that I say "bravo good sir". BTW, "bravo" is a word that the actor who plays the director in the film uses alot so maybe that's why I subliminally just wrote that!

Although, I must add that I am wondering just how much props I should give the director (Srdjan Spasojevic) of the actual film for shocking me to my core? I mean, some would say that this director and this movie deserve no credit just because anyone could put shocking, immoral, and taboo subjects on film and leave the viewer feeling disturbed in the head.

I think that I still lean towards giving major props just because I thought it was so brilliantly made, and I think many of the best directors in the world would've not been able to guide and create this movie so artistically and it would've turned out a disgusting failure of a film. This movie is a grotesquely awesome success.

For instance, I thought 'Hostel' was really predictable and had a somewhat corny element to it. 'A Serbian Film' might be a tad predictable as far as the whole, overall plot goes, but you still have no idea how this movie is going to go down from scene to scene, and the movie is far from corny. In fact, for what this movie is, dare I say that this film is a masterpiece?

See, I'm still not sure because the movie, even days later, still hasn't fully settled in for me. I still haven't fully digested the overall experience from this film. But to me, that goes a long way towards giving the movie a huge amount of credit. Think about it, out of the hundreds of thousands of movies ever made, how many films can you honestly say gave you an 'unforgettable experience'? -not many on my list.

You know what's different? -as an adult, it's much harder to get really scared or freaked out by a movie like you were able to as a kid, can be much easier to get really disturbed by complex movies dealing with adult issues and depravities. That "disturbed" feeling that I got from 'A Serbian Film' was equal to, if not surpassing the "really scared and horrified" feeling that I'd get as a kid from a really good horror movie.

As disgusting and revolting as the movie was, in a wierd kind of a way it almost deserves a gold medal for engrossing me (the viewer) with a kind of ill feeling in the pit of my gut that's gonna take some time to get rid of.

I thought the movie was a sick masterpiece of cinema. I thought the lead actor (Srdjan Todorovic) was superb in his role. He played Milos, a retired porn star that decided to return to the screen for a nice payday. I mean, to be able to pull off that kind of performance dealing with the content in 'A Serbian Film' was really incredible.

Milos the actor is lured back into the industry by Vukmir (Sergej Trifunovic) who will direct Milos in his next pornography film without ever going over the details of the exact script for the film. Milos who could use another payday agrees to do the movie after a boatload of money will be paid out to him. The following events of the movie are a rollercoaster in crazed terror and violence.

I was even more impressed with how the movie was shot and directed. Maybe the late Stanley Kubrick could have succeeded with a script like A Serbian Film, but the list probably ends there. What director Srdjan Spasojevic was able to create was really amazing. Think about it, anybody with a lesser passion and desire than this director had would've turned A Serbian Film into a heaping steaming pile of crap.

This director took some of the most demented material ever witnessed on film and pulled off a really great piece of cinema. While some of the scenes and content are just totally revolting, (you literally have to turn and look away) the movie really does have a good theme and storyline. If it didn't, lightweights like myself would've hit STOP on the dvd remote halfway into the movie where I would've deemed it too disgusting to continue on watching if the movie had a dumb story.

Another thing I liked about the movie, towards the end you're almost pleading that the movie will end after the last gross scene that you just witnessed...but then the movie beats you down another two or three times more with yet another graphic scene as no, this movie and the story of these poor souls aren't quite over just yet.

I found it surprising when I went on RT and noticed that the critics only have it currently rated at 30%. I personally ranked it at 90%, and trust me I don't rank many movies as high as 90% to 100%. I think the critics were too disgusted with the movie so immediately blackballed it. I'm kind of a wuss when it comes to over-the-top movies like this.

Until this movie, I had 'Cannibal Holocaust' as the most disturbing movie ever. I had to physically turn away more than once in both of these movies, but at the same time while many parts in both movies were too gross for me to watch, I was still able to realize that both movies were still really well made films. I think many critics see too much graphic brutality so they shit on a film like this just like a republican would to a Michael Moore documentary.

On that note, I can say that I've only ever seen Cannibal Holocaust once, and will probably never view it again. On the opposite side of the coin, after watching A Serbian Film just once, I bought the bluray. I've been too scared to watch it a second time though lol. I still think about the movie often, and maybe one day I'll be tempted to screen it again. See, I haven't really made up my mind just because this movie is so brilliantly f'd up that maybe sometime soon, or more realistically years down the road, it'll be worth it to endure a truly great mind-fuck movie one more time. A Serbian Film is a Killer Rob certified Killer Film!

Watch A Serbian Film at your own RISK!