12 days so annoying



The 12 days of Christmas has easily become the song that drives me crazy the most during the holiday season. Each Christmas season i upload about a gig's worth of Christmas songs to play all season long on my xbox.It really helps get in the spirit to do so. I've come to learn that anything with Elvis Presley are easily my favorite Christmas songs.

I've never even been a fan of country music but ole Elvis has such rich heartwarming soul in his songs. Every time one plays on random shuffle i have to stop and listen and enjoy. Afterall, the Christmas season does go by so fast even if you're an adult. You have to take the time to enjoy it properly.

In my 20's, i was always the schmuck out on Christmas Eve still having to get like 4 or 5 things. Now i do my shopping on cyber Monday so I can relax and chill all season long without the last minute pressure.

Getting back to the gig of uploaded songs for the season, on all the various individual cds there must be about 12-16 different renditions of the 12 days of freaking Christmas. I know it's a fan favorite and i'll catch a bunch of heat for bashing it but, the song drives me crazy i can't stand it anymore.

Every version takes like 5-10 minutes to get thru. That's way too long and it obviously gets super repetitive. The song is so long and freaking annoying...i mean think about it...who's with me?

I'm sure it serves well for a 15 minute Sunday sing along with the kids, but other than that i think i'd rather have my ears stretched clockwork orange style and forced to listen to 72 hours straight of Grandma got run over by a reindeer and go completely insane.

I think the final straw for me with 12 days of Christmas is because one of the versions is sung by the muppets and it' the absolute worst most annoying song ever and i can't race to the remote control fast enough to press skip.

You'd think i could just find and delete them on my xbox but it's like trying to find and weed out fifteen songs out of a thousand so i'm stuck with this torture year after year when i upload these mp3s. Anyway, we can all agree that the 12 days of Christmas is a terribly annoying song and that Elvis and Sinstra and Tony Bennett are the best. I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year and what is it, four turtle doves and three french hens??!