Ultimate Predators
of the Sea

Up close and personal with
great white sharks

Incredible pics of great white sharks hunting their prey! The stunning images were captured using clever photographic technology off the coast of Guadalupe Island, Mexico.

The shots are up close and personal with the great white sharks, just inches away from their razor sharp gleaming teeth and menacing prescence.

Smaller fish aggregate with each other swimming and foraging somewhat independently, but remain close to the other fish in the group. Alongside the massive predator, this protects them and scares away any normal would-be attacker.

Shark wranglers attract the sharks close to the boat and the shark cages using bait, usually in the form of fish heads, to bring the sharks close to the cage. The sharks are so beautiful and amazing to observe; you cannot help but feel a sense of awe and respect when in their majestic presence.

Great Whites are regarded as the most dangerous sharks in the world. Records from the Florida Museum of Natural History reveal there have been 80 fatal great white shark attacks on humans since records began in 1580.

Marine biologists managed to catch the sharks as they lunged at large fish, and managed to take the unique images using some very clever methods to capture the daunting beauty of the giant beasts on camera.

According to a shark expert, a deadly Great White shark has been lurking off the coast of the UK for the past two years. Fishing journalist Graeme Pullen claims the blood-thirsty killer has been repeatedly sighted off Hayling Island, Hampshire. Beach-goers beware!