Dog Personalities Cartoon Style!

This dog breed guide is a hilarious
representation of 20+ different pups

Choosing a canine companion can be a challenge. Different dog breeds each have their own personalities that might mesh perfectly with yours, or the two of you might drive each other crazy.

Luckily, illustrator Grace Gogarty has created a hilariously helpful guide to distinguish the differences between dogs. Through quick sketches and witty bullet point “facts,” Gogarty has summed up over 20 breeds of canines.

Gogarty’s drawings capture the essence of a given type of dog. Her style is cartoonish, and she’s quick to exaggerate features like elongated snouts, dripping tongues, and serious underbites. The result is charming, and her addition of text is like the cherry on top; it makes the dogs seem either neurotic, delightfully dense, or loyal to a fault—either way, you're sure to laugh.

While these aspects, like her sketching, is also an exaggeration, there is truth to her assessments of each pup. If you’ve ever tried to stop petting a Golden Retriever or heard a Husky howl, you’ll realize that Gogarty is right.

Meet Gogarty’s dogs below. How do they stack up with the breed of dog you own? Read on and enjoy!