Greatest Underwater

The Top Ten winners of Underwater
Photograph of the Year 2018!

A look at the top ten underwater photographs shot from all over the world. These amazing pictures show the true majestic beauty of nature and the wildlife that call the planet's oceans and lakes home.

The colors and framing of each picture offer an excellence in art, style, and substance. The timing and angle that each photographer captured each image is truly spectacular. Enjoy these amazing pictures of underwater life on Earth!

Abdul Rahman Jamaludin's image of sea slugs features a surprising backdrop of a moray eel, which swam into the reef as he was taking his image.

When a whale is spyhopping, it emerges from the water vertically, pausing in its position. Greg Lecoeur captured this humpback as it moved its pectoral fin towards the camera.

Shane Gross's photograph was taken in a pond with a very high density of seahorses, yet he was still amazed that he managed to capture these three together, backlit and surrounded by plankton.

Although Songda Cai has had many encounters with eels, this is her favourite image of the creature, looking at her camera from inside its coiled body.

A fish had managed to wedge itself between the bell and the tentacles of a jellyfish, and the two were moving along together. This strange combination turned towards Scott Gutsy Tuason after he had taken 20 photos, and he was able to get this fantastic shot.

It took two days of standing in shallow waters from 05:00 to 08:00 for Filippo Borghi to get this image of a cormorant diving for fish in the Izu Peninsula, Tokyo.

Tanya Houppermans swam on her back underneath this sand tiger shark, trying not to startle it as millions of tiny fish swam around it. As she moved with the shark through the water, the fish parted and the underside of the shark was revealed.

Borut Furlan shot seawater crocodiles in Cuba in the low evening sunlight, capturing their reflections in the still waters of the surface.

Grant Thomas won the title of British Underwater Photographer of the Year. His image of swans, titled 'Love Birds', was taken in Scotland's Loch Lomond.

Shark behaviourist Cristina Zenato has been studying Caribbean reef sharks near Freeport in The Bahamas for more than 24 years. The unique bond between her and the sharks allows her to get close to them, enabling this impressive image by Fan Ping.