Killer Rob Movie Review

Western fans rejoice! Bone Tomahawk is a good movie that fills the void of a decent western which have been non-existent as of late. Hollywood has focused on commercial mega-blockbuster comic and superhero movies to appeal to the masses.

Back in the early and mid 1900's western films flourished, but the stringent limitations on violence during that timeframe really handicapped the true realism of what the wild west of America was really about. While viewers shouldn't expect Bone Tomahawk to be a western based on true-life reality, you'll certainly get an abundance of massive violence!

Kurt Russell stars as Sheriff Hunt, who enforces the law in the town of Bright Hope. After an out-of-place stranger appears in the town saloon, bad things start to happen. A local citizen with a broken leg named Arthur (Patrick Wilson) has his wife inexplicably go missing, appearing to have been kidnapped. So Sheriff Hunt, Arthur, Deputy Chicory (Richard Jenkins), and town person Brooder (Mathew Fox) go out in search of Arthur's missing wife (Lili Simmons).

One thing that is really unique about Bone Tomahawk is that the movie really focuses on what a cowboy's life on the trail was like. From the long horse rides through the day, to the small amount of 'chow' to consume for dinner on a tired and empty belly, to sleeping on a rock-hard ground with the constant fear of rattlesnakes, unfriendly Indians, and strange thieves or murderers that could happen by.

When the foursome eventually arrive to confront the kidnappers, they encounter the most brutal, nasty savages ever! The group of mean, horrific Indians have a distinct albino skin tone, and instruments embedded into their throats so a menacing shriek is heard for miles when they yell.

They have bones as jewelry pierced through their flesh, and worst of all, they are cannibals who eat other humans. The few women they have in their clan have wooden sticks impaled in their eyes, blinding them and making the women lathargic bodies that can only lay around all day as breeding surrogates for the male savages.

The menacing cannibals are extremely barbaric and brutal with their captives and soon-to-be unfortunate victims. In Bone Tomahawk, there are many graphic kills with some where you have to look away as the violence ensues. The movie does a great job of keeping the viewer wondering what will happen next.

In todays world of comic book movies for the masses and academy critic favorites about weird transexuals, Bone Tomahawk offers a gritty, badass look at the tough days of the cowboy era of the 1800's with a slight supernatural element to it. Bone Tomahawk is a Killer Rob certified Killer Film! Check it out!